DIY Guardian Robot Gives You a High Five For Happy Tweets

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As annoying as it is, life sometimes gets in the way of your 24-hour Twitter vigil. That is why you can employ the Guardian Robot to stand watch for you. He will notify you of good tweets and bad 24/7.

Meet the Guardian Robot: This friendly little fellow stands on your desk and monitors your Twitter feed for "happy" and "sad" posts by your friends on your Twitter feed. But unlike conventional alert systems, this robot encourages you to interact with the posts it finds.

For example, when it finds a "happy" post, the Guardian Robot raises its head and arm in triumph. It holds the pose until you give it a "high five" by pushing the switch in its raised hand. Once you do that, the robot pass the high five on to your buddy via a reply Tweet.

Likewise, when the Guardian Robot comes across a sad Tweet, it lowers its head in despair. You cheer it up by giving it a hug, which it will forward on with another reply Tweet.


Jesus, this robot is needy. Still, it might be nice too have a Twitter secretary of sorts, filtering through a sea of meaningless tweets about going to the bathroom, eating something with bacon in it...etc. Designer Ken Lim has provided enough information on the build so that you might be able to make one yourself—but even if you don't know your way around an Arduino you can still interact with the Guardian robot by chatting with him on his own Twitter page (#ineedahug and #highfive commands). You can also check out his reaction live on the Ustream video above. [Guardian via Boing Boing Gadgets]