DIY Phone-Activated Camera-Blinding Laser

Illustration for article titled DIY Phone-Activated Camera-Blinding Laser

Now that China's taken point on sticking surveillance cameras pretty much everywhere, we're going to start seeing all sorts of fun projects to disable them, all of questionable legality. This impressive setup is a cellphone-controlled laser, which can render a security camera useless from afar. Simply set the laser up pointing at the camera(s) of your choice, then give the connected phone a call when you need to not be seen. Voila, free "privacy." Sure, you could get in boatloads of trouble for actually doing this, but isn't it nice to know that, if necessary, you could? [Chaos Projects via The Raw Feed]




it'd be cooler if it activated when your bluetooth got in range of that phone. then, you wouldnt have to call 100 cameras XD