DIY Smart Beer Coasters Open Up a Whole New World of Drinking Games

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If you can stay sober long enough to build one, a company called Sentilla has developed a DIY "smart" beer coaster that could lead to a myriad of new drinking games for you and your friends to enjoy. The coaster is "smart" in the sense that it can detect when a drink is present and when it is removed, it can communicate with nearby coasters, and it can provide feedback in the form of flashing lights. Plus, it does it all wirelessly. More info and a video of the coasters in action are available after the break.


Besides its more obvious and pointless applications, Sentilla also suggests that these smart coasters can be used to notify a bartender when you are in need of a new drink. Personally, I would rather forgo the seizures and utilize a more elegant solution. Still, if you would like to try your hand at building one, instructions are available on the Sentilla website. [Sentilla via InventorSpot via Geekologie]


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"it can communicate with nearby coasters." So, when you put your drink/coaster next to a pretty lady's drink/coaster, will her coaster tell your coaster to piss off? Now there's a time saver. What you need is a coaster or glass that can signal the bartender for a refill when you're starting to get low, and which will also tell him how many you've had so far in case he needs to cut you off...or at least so he can begin serving you the watered down cheap drinks since you will be too drunk to notice. :P