DIY Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Almost Makes Regular Bluetooth Headsets Look Stylish

This DIY Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator instantly reminded me of a comment a dear reader left when I shared a Star Trek fantasy. He was right: Bluetooth is the ruin of Star Trek. But this is a fun quick-n-dirty project.


Basically you're cramming a Bluetooth module and a microcontroller into a toy Communicator and then pairing everything with your phone. As long as you've got voice dialing, you can leave your phone out of sight and be the snazziest Trekkie on the streets. Just don't come crying to me if someone stuffs you into a locker, trashcan, or wormhole. [Make]



I don't think that a Star Trek Communicator would distract people from the gap in her teeth. #diybluetoothstartrekcommunicat...