DJI Inspire 1 Mount Puts An Incredible 4K Drone Camera In Your Hand

Announced this past fall, DJI's Inspire 1 is a badass drone that puts a 4K camera on one of the most stable rigs out there. Announced today, the Inspire 1 Camera Mount allows you to put that powerful camera in your hand.

You'll recall that the footage the Inspire 1 was able to produce was super buttery smooth, but also incredibly detailed. Though 4K resolution hasn't quite hit the mainstream yet, it's still useful for cropping in.


The Inspire 1 Camera Mount extension, which is still just a prototype, drastically expands what you can do with the Inspire 1's 4K camera. Because when you're out in the field shooting, it's very likely that you'll want to shoot some hand held footage as well.

The Camera Mount allows you to get fresh video with your hand using the same camera that's being used above, as well as the same light swinging gimbal motion. The handle has a big red record button, and two modes. One mode tracks a point no matter how you move the handle, the other wors more like a steady cam so you can keep a relatively smooth shot while following someone (or something around).k

Anything that helps you get a little more mileage out $3000 of drone sounds like a real good idea.


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