Do-It-Yourself USB Ultrasound

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So the stork has brought you a brand new bun in the oven but you're still not sure as to the sex of the little one. Sure, you could go all the way to the hospital to have a professional administer an ultrasound to get the facts, but where's the fun in that? Besides, you've got an empty USB port that's just waiting to be used up. Why not kill two birds with one stone and try out this USB ultrasound device? (Well, for future reference, since it's still awaiting approval from the FDA, which is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.)

The device goes by the name of Ppups and is slated to retail for $3,700 once it's released. The 3.7-oz. probe connects to your PC where its software interprets and displays the all-familiar ultrasound image, even going so far as to improve picture quality by eliminating the analog noise that normally would occur as the image travels through the USB cable.


Who knows, maybe you can make a small business out of this? You might want to brush up on the local laws first, though.

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