Do You Feel Better or Worse After Apple Pulled Those Boobie Apps?

The iPhone Perv App Wars of 2010 is over, with Apple firing the one and only round, killing off 5,000 tata apps. But, what do you, as a consumer, feel about it?


There are two sides to the argument. You've got your one hand, which holds the fact that the market should police itself, and if people want boobies in their apps, they should go ahead and get boobies in their apps. This hand is sticky. If it turns out that people don't want it, sales will tank and developers will stay away from making so many of these. Obviously sales have been decent, if there were 5000 of these apps. And, nobody likes having a nanny tell them what they can and can't see.

But on the other hand, Apple wants to make some kind of statement here, keeping their App Store (it is their App Store, after all) clean of a certain type of sexuality. You can go to the Android Marketplace (or open up Safari) if you want the privilege of squinting at nipples, but there's none of that going on here. Having 5,000 fewer apps to sort through means getting where you're going is slightly faster, even though it's not a majority of the store or anything.

So how do you feel about this?


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