Do You Prefer to Pay More For Your Cellphone Now Or Later?

Once upon a time, buying cellphones was easy. You'd go for the cheaper deal and leave it at that. But what about when you're faced with the choice of paying more now or more over time? Which do you chose?

The NY Times has an interesting example of this dilemma:

Let's say that you buy a MyTouch 3G, one of T-Mobile's most popular smartphones, for $400, and sign up for its unlimited voice, text and data plan for $60 a month. The total cost of the phone over two years would be $1,840.

If, instead, you buy the phone subsidized by T-Mobile for $150, that same unlimited plan will cost $80 monthly - which is still the best deal among the major carriers, by the way - bringing your two-year total to $2,070.


So what would you choose?

Picture of Cellphone Matryoshka Doll


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