Do You Still Watch TV Shows When They Air?

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This morning, we woke up to a post-Saturday-Morning-Cartoons America. That got plenty of us talking about our former TV watching routines, and that made me wonder: In an era of on-demand, mobile, streaming content, do you still watch TV shows when they air?


Not long ago, that would've been a foolish question. If you liked The Sopranos, and the new episode aired Sunday night at 10PM, you'd sit your ass down to watch it at 10PM on Sunday night.

But now we've got streaming TV, on-demand TV, ways of watching brand-new episodes of wildly popular TV shows without even owning a TV. That's part of why the tradition of a four-hour block of Saturday morning cartoons has died: Kids can watch their favorite episodes of their favorite shows whenever, wherever. Advertisers aren't gonna blow money on Saturday morning slots if kids' eyeballs are glued to their parents iPads.

Personally, I love watching stuff on-demand—I'm currently on a big Bob's Burgers kick, popping on an episode whenever I'm doing laundry or cleaning house—but I feel like there's something, I dunno, anti-social about it. And when it comes to new episodes of TV shows, I'm a traditionalist: When Mad Men returns, I'll be turning off my phone and zoning in on the TV to see it live, rather than on-demanding it even a day later.

What's your preference? Are we crazy for still feeling like we have to watch TV on the network's schedule? Or did we lose something in the transition to give-it-to-me-when-I-want-it television consumption? Sound off in the comments below.

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Not in YEARS! TV is dead to me, Dead, Jim.