DoCoMo DLP Phone Projects TV, Makes Butt Look Big

The NTT DoCoMo prototype phone shown in the video above has an embedded DLP projector, presumably using an LED light source in order to project a respectable 20- to 25-in. video image on the wall a few feet away. The downside, as you can hear from the dude asking questions (AOL Switched's Tom Samiljan if I'm not mistaken) is that the phone is large, or at least small but strapped to a real brick of a projector. I guess we're supposed to admire the image, and wait for the actual mini-projector technology to catch up. [TechPertPanel - YouTube]

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Is this because it contains technology like the last post? It can detect people and objects around you??? Can this thing see my penis?? WTF? Why are phone companies doing that?!