Doctor Who Tries On Multiple Generations In Exclusive Preview

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David Tennant may have regenerated before our very eyes last week, but the Tenth Doctor lives on in comic form in this month's Doctor Who #7. Click through for an exclusive preview (and fashion show, of sorts).

The seventh issue of IDW's monthly Who series begins a new adventure for the Tenth Doctor, as well as offering up a first page we wish we'd been able to see David Tennant try on television...

The official solicitation for the issue goes like this:

Part 1 of the two-part "Tessaract," featuring the return of artist Al Davison. When a 5th-dimensional spacecraft crashes into and through the TARDIS, it's up to the Doctor and his two new friends to stabilize the console room and stop both ships from imploding! But the console room is missing, and the other ship is filled with an alien race that wants the Doctor dead!


Doctor Who #7 is released on January Xth.