"Does Madame Approve of Her 3D Plastic Surgery?"

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Plastic surgery has edged a little closer to the nerd closet, with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon now offering 3D previews of what they can expect after their procedures.

Simoni Plastic Surgery is taking bookings now (not suggesting you should book in, dear readers) for the new technology, which "starts with a three-dimensional photograph of the patient obtained by a sophisticated six-camera system."


Supposedly they have "numerous actors, actresses and models" as clients (read: washed-up extras from Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place), with these new 3D views allowing patients to "rotate their picture to any viewpoint and they can really examine the desired result from every angle. We can make changes here and there and agree on a final look in advance, and this greatly helps them with their decision as well as their confidence in the procedure."

If only this technology had been available in Michael Jackson's day *sobs* [Dr Simoni via 3DRadar]