Does This Inkblot Resemble a Pyromaniac?

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Zack Snyder reports that the "20 years in the making" Watchmen film is now in the can, although there's still the entire arduous process of post-production ahead. Given that master-of-space-and-time Dr. Manhattan is bright blue and nude half the time in the graphic novel, post-production is not an enviable task. We just hope they make antihero Rorshach's blots move around via some CGI techno-jiggery, because we need to see roving oil slicks to make us swallow this thing. Snyder posted the above image as a gift, and while it doesn't look identical to the comic panels, it's close enough to the storyboards. Just keep your fingers crossed for this comic book flick. Watchmen Wrapped [Thanks Timothy]




Boy am I excited for this. Every shot I see looks picture perfect.

@PVIII: Yeah Supervision is right.. they were trying to do the Black Freighter as an animated film on the DVD. It gives me hope that he understands all the importantance of the media in the story, even if it can't all be included.