Does Your TV Still Work?

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In case you have been oblivious to the endless warnings and apocalyptic terror of those who fear they will live in a world without television, the DTV transition is happening today. So I have to ask, does your TV still work?


If you or someone you know was unprepared for the switch, HDGuru has put together a list of last minute tips that can help get the TV back up and running.

Poll results: Do You Have a Surround Sound Setup?

•Yes, I have a home theater in a box setup. 29%
•Yes, I have a full system that I pieced together with separate components. 47%
•Sort of. I have a virtual surround system with no rear speakers. 4%
•Yes, I bought a full system, but did not hook up the rear speakers. 3%
•No, I do not have a surround sound system. 16%


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