Do You Have a Surround Sound Setup?

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Surround sound is awesome, but how many people actually use it? Is it true surround sound or virtual surround sound? Is the system hooked up correctly? Let's find out.


The response about not hooking up the rear speakers is particularly interesting because studies conducted last year by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) concluded that as many as 35% of people failed to hook up their rear speakers properly because they either lacked the skills or were concerned about aesthetics. Other research has put the figure as high as 50%. [Image via Dave's Home Theater]

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2.0 channel rules! gave up surround sounds last year. was tired of all the speakers and electronics required. i now focus my resources on my main speakers (full range), amp/preamp and BD player. i sometimes miss the rear effects, but the dialog is actually better running from the mains... i think a couple reasons, the tower speakers put the tweeter and mid at the same height as the display and their soundstage is much better than the typical center channel speaker.