Like pizza? Like fried chicken? Of course you do. You have a mouth. So how quickly will you say yes to the latest frankenstein food creation that will fatten up easily excitable suburbanites: Domino's pizza made with breaded chicken crust. The world is a beautiful place.

Called Specialty Chicken (what a boring turd of a name), Domino's says:

The boneless chicken product features a delicious combination of toppings, sauces and cheeses layered over 12 bites of lightly breaded, 100 percent whole breast white meat chicken. The four unique flavors offered include Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple, Classic Hot Buffalo and Sweet BBQ Bacon.


So it's like pizza with fried chicken crust or chicken nuggets with pizza-like toppings, depending on your perspective. Whatever it is, I'll stuff two dozen down my throat without thinking.

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