Don’t Sacrifice Viewability for Portability. Get Both with the 8.9-inch LG Optimus Pad

Tablets are poised to take over the tech world. But the current offerings are lacking in one essential area: size. Most of them come with 10-inch or 7-inch display. The bigger ones are cumbersome to hold (they most definitely require two hands), and though the smaller ones are able to be held in one hand, they give up too much in visual quality.


Enter the LG Optimus Pad. LG took its time, listened to what consumers were saying, and took action to arrive at the perfect size. They wanted to make sure it got its tablet just right. In an internal study by Nielsen's this past year, more than 70% of those interested in purchasing a tablet expected one that would be "easy to carry around." Over 40% expected to easily and enjoyably view videos/movies, play graphics-intensive games, and browse the web.

LG's executives say it best:

The easy thing to do would've been to simply get a tablet to market that was a copy of those from other manufacturers. However, at LG we aren't about doing things the easy way, we're about doing them the right way—for both our customers' and reputation's sake. Arriving at an 8.9-inch size was the result of careful research of the relatively new tablet scene, as well as technical magic by our talented engineers. The result is exactly what consumers have been looking for: an easily portable tablet with full viewability.

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With a unique 8.9-inch size, the LG Optimus Pad delivers the ideal combination of one-hand grip portability and uncompromising viewability. It weighs only 630g (a bottle of water by comparison weighs about 650g), and has a screen that measures 8.9 inches on the diagonal, 149.4 mm horizontally, with a 15:9 aspect ratio and 1280 x 768 WXGA resolution. With the perfect size for a tablet and trailblazing hardware/software specs to match, it looks like the LG Optimus Pad may just reign supreme in the tablet takeover.

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