Don't Let Them Turn Mad Max Into Avatar

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Stop the madness! Rumor has it, the new Mad Max film, which features Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, will be half CG animation. Which is the exact opposite of what a gritty post-apocalyptic film should be.

Toutlecine is reporting that George Miller's film, currently in production, will be 3-D and will blend CG animation with live action. Now this is just a rumor - but if true, what a terrible idea.


The point of Mad Max is to show a dirty, dusty world, devoid of creature comforts and indoor plumbing. By making half of it animated or even CG, you lose that entire edge. Even worse, it could be similar to the film Tank Girl, with choppy edits from live action to motion-comic animation. While we all understand what they were trying to do in Tank Girl, it was pretty rough around the edges and the back-and-forth was hard to follow. But most importantly, how do you justify turning a Mad Max film into shiny, flawless, dirt-free CG?