Don't Swallow a Stolen Diamond Cause They'll Come After You with a Colonoscopy

What would you do if you were caught stealing a diamond? Drop it? Hide it? Swallow it? That's what this diamond thief did. And when he got caught, the police waited for the diamond to come out, em, naturally. But it wasn't coming out!

io9 says that even though the man was under surveillance and his stools were being screened, bowel movements for the man were rare so they sent him over to get X-Rays to locate the diamond. Once they found the diamond in his cecal area, they realized they didn't want to wait that long to retrieve the diamond. So a court order allowed them to retrieve it through other means. The case study says:

The patient underwent a total colonoscopy in the presence of
police officers that easily allowed uncommon stone retrieval using a basket catheter


Say it with me now: AHHHHHHH. Read more about this unfortunate diamond thief at io9. [Case Reports in Gastroenterology via io9]

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