Doom Resurrection for iPhone Hits the App Store, Costs $10

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Doom Resurrection, the first properly new title in the Doom franchise since Doom III, has finally landed in the App Store, and it's not cheap. But is it sufficiently Doom-y? Dark? Graphically lush? Good?

As the first trailer seemed to promise, yes, this is a very impressive game. Graphics and sound are top-notch and the production as a whole befits its price. The main issue with Resurrection is the control scheme: even though other iPhone FPSes have pulled of decent free-movement control systems—including id's own Wolfenstein port—this game is, strictly speaking, on rails.


To be honest, this can be frustrating, especially given how well the environments are rendered. I mean, they're right there, in full, detailed 3D, and you can't explore them. The gameplay's saving grace is accelerometer support, which at least lets you aim and shake off zombies in an intuitive way.


As for the claims that this is a totally new installment in the Doom franchise, they're technically true: the story is fresh, and so are the levels. But aside from the new story meat and new gameplay dynamics, Resurrection borrows liberally from Doom III, looking, sounding and, to an extent, feeling like its 2004 predecessor. Impressive? Sure. Worth $10? If so, then barely. [via Will Smith's Twitter]