Doom Resurrection for iPhone Due Next Week; Here's the Trailer

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Doom Resurrection, the first full title in the series since Doom III, will be coming to the App Store next week, and iD has cut a trailer. (Spoiler: It looks great.)

Some are already hailing it as a "true next generation game" for the iPhone, and it does have some fairly impressive graphics, as far as the platform goes. But with iPhone 3GS on its way, with a more powerful graphics processor and support for a newer version of OpenGL, isn't this an odd time to market an iPhone game on its up-to-the-minute visuals and performance?


iD head John Carmack doesn't think so, telling Venturebeat that the game, like other Doom titles before it, will grow into new hardware. He specifically mentions the possibility of multiplayer with OS 3.0, but doesn't talk about whether or not the game content will adapt to the 3G S. [Venturebeat, Talking About Games]

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Why would Id want to target 3GS with this? Sure, it's technically got better graphics, but Id has a long history of making games that look amazing while having the slimmest possible system requirements. When the original Doom came out it had the best graphics I had ever seen, but it could run on some seriously old and crappy hardware, even for the time.

Really, the reason why this is on iPhone is because of the huge installed base. Would you rather market a game to tens of millions of potential customers, or to a small handful who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a minor hardware upgrade?