It's been a long week, so take a break. You deserve it. Whether you want to lose yourself in an impossibly simple, endlessly addictive game, take a shortcut to old-fashioned correspondence, or have your new AI friend do all the dirty work for you, we've got you covered. Enjoy.


Google Now: Google Now, for those not familiar, is a very slick app that debuted in Androidlast June. Its main selling point is that it gives you the information you want before you even ask for it. It can tell you when you need to leave for your next appointment, and give you directions for getting there. It can automatically track everything from your FedEx packages to your favorite sports teams in real time. You decide how much or how little of your personal information you give it access to, but of course the more access you give it, the more it can do. [Free]

Felt: Real, physical, handwritten mail is a dying breed. And sure, most of us love that feeling we get when we see a piece of mail written special, just for us, but with keyboards being shoved into our faces at every turn, it's just so much more damn convenient to tap out an email. Now you can, at least, sort of get the best of both worlds with an iPad app that turns your own notes written out on your iPad screen into sealed envelopes that will get sent off to its destination the old fashioned way. Your recipient gets those all-too-rare butterflies, and you barely had to life a finger. Everyone wins. [Free to download/$4 per print out]


Dots: If you've made it through elementary school, chances are you already know how to play. Simply connect the horizontal or vertical rows of matching colors and watch as they disappear from the screen while new ones come tumbling in. You have 60 seconds to kill as many rows as you can. Simple? Sure. Addictive? Well, just don't say we didn't warn you. [Free]

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