Double Click Mouse from Buffalo

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So computers have been fairly mainstream for a couple decades now and I am surprised that nobody has invented this kind of a mouse. Well, there is a good chance somebody has, I just haven't heard of it, until now. Buffalo has released a mouse over in Japan that includes a—gasp!—double-click button. It is placed between the scroll wheel and the left button and simply does that—double clicks.


The double-click mouse is available in two different models and three different colors per models. Hold on, let me get the calculator—yes, that is six different double clicking mice. Kind of cool, and definitely useful for the lazy or for the office worker who has routine, mundane tasks that require a lot of double-clicking.

PC moue with integrated double click [Akihabara]

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Any word on a version for those pathetic left handed folks? Ah, who cares. Darn lefties — always doing things different from everyone else. Damn 'em.