Double Pourer: Serve Drinks Like James Bond

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Pouring two drinks at once using this double pourer will certainly impress the ladies. Plus it will you save like six seconds of work. That is time you could be using to charm her with your wit, good looks and sophisticated tastes. Not bad for only $13. Too bad you actually have to be English to buy one. Then again, you could always make one yourself. Women love guys who are handy. [Product Page via Bookofjoe]



oh come on, you save 6 seconds, serving with this thing, and wate another 12 jus putting the "thing" into place. You just gonna look dorkier than ever.

Another thing doork to have, is the "table bootle opener" or "the oversized botle opener", Those don't even came with a little knife to cut the "Protection seal".

You just need a bootle opner like this one end of history