Douglas Adams' Guide To Interspecies Sex Getting Published At Last

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Douglas Adams' biographer is publishing a treasure trove of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author's previously unseen work—including a rough draft for a second season of the TV show, material cut from the first Hitchhiker's novel, and Adams' unpublished writings on alien sex.


Jem Roberts will be publishing extracts of Adams' discarded material in his upcoming biography of Adams, The Frood. While much of the unpublished work that Adams had on his hard drives was collected in The Salmon of Doubt, The Frood contains writings that Adams had stored on paper. This includes chunks of text from the Hitchhiker's universe that Adams ultimately didn't use, like a "lost" draft of Life, the Universe and Everything, which includes the section on interspecies mating.

Much of the book will focus on how Adams constructed his universe, which is why, Roberts told the Guardian, he wants to put these extracts in their proper context:

But "none of this stuff is finished", he added. "It's very important to contextualise this material properly … and I understand people thinking that this is raw material and he didn't want it to be seen. I spend part of the book asking what Douglas would have wanted … but there are so many great Douglas Adams jokes which have been completely air-sealed for the last 20 years. [And] I think it's wonderful that we finally get to read some of this stuff."

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Douglas Adams is one of those baby boomer authors that should never have been. Like the just-about-baby boomer, Tom Robbins, he was one of those writers who thought he was far more clever than he actually was. And, like Robbins, got enough people to believe him.