DreamAuthentics Gaming Cabinets

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We're big on the gaming cabinets, as you can see, simply because it was always our childhood dream to have a full-size arcade cabinet a la little Ricky in Silver Spoons. Now that we make actual money and are allowed to spend it, we just can't bring ourselves to plunk down a few grand for something that will take up 5 square feet of floor space in a New York apartment.

OK. Enough whining. If you have the dosh and the space, check out these bad boys. The DreamAuthentics Excalibur case, for example, is DreamAuthentics' latest design. It has a dual-player joystick set and includes all the hardware—including a 27" monitor— and software you need to get started immediately. The flash website is kind of excessive, but you can get yourself a fully-assembled gaming cabinet with PC delivered if you keep clicking. Then call us so we can come over with beer.


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