Drew Curtis Says NFSW Trademark Application is a Prank

Illustration for article titled Drew Curtis Says NFSW Trademark Application is a Prank

Drew Curtis has confirmed that Fark is indeed trying to trademark the NSFW (not safe for work) acronym with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. But he says that, although he can't comment on it yet, it's all a "prank." Then he added: "muhahaha." According to Drew, he didn't reply to the internet uproar against this application because he was a) on a trip without laptop charger and b) drunk most of the time. On completely unrelated news, industry analysts looking at that last part of his news point out that Drew Curtis may have secretly joined Gizmodo. [Fark]



I just commented on Fark after what my profile tells me is a three year hiatus. I used to surf that site for hours a day. Now, I have left her for a more fickle mistress, and that mistress is gizmodo.

Yes, there be some 'tards a lurkin' here, but I dare say the caliber of 'tards here is higher than over at fark.

You do have to give props do Drew though, he built a giant company, millions of dollars, fame and notoriety out of a synonym for doinking and a picture of squirrel nuts.