DRM-Free iTunes Catalog to Drop Price to 99 Cents

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Jacqui from Ars got news on the iTunes Music Store's DRM-Free iTunes Plus tracks: according to her sources "Apple plans to expand iTunes Plus to include certain indie music labels starting tomorrow." [Apparently, she says now that it's going to be on Wednesday] The big news, however, is that she says that Apple will drop the price of all the songs to 99 cents, competing directly with the Amazon MP3 store. That's all the catalog, including EMI's tracks, not just the indies. UPDATE: Confirmed by the WSJ. [Ars Technica]



@KingSnakeX4: That would be awesome if it were true. But I doubt it will be for a long, long time. Record labels are too busy trying to one-up each other with a different digital music sales model so we'll probably never see all the labels agree on DRM-free on iTunes. Who knows. For me, the current DRM-free selection is useless. Until I can get my entire iTunes library DRM-free, so I can play it on Media Center or on my Xbox360, I'm not going to bother. All it will do is double my file sizes and fill up my wife's 8 GB nano way too soon. My 80 GB gen 5.5 has plenty of room, but that doesn't help her.