DRM Smackdown Day is October 3. You In?

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It's time for us to rise up against that devil, digital rights management (DRM), which is crippling content from sea to shining sea in the name of anti-piracy. Anti-DRM crusaders Defective by Design have designated Tuesday, October 3 to be the Day Against DRM. They're asking everyone to submit ideas about how to raise awareness and somehow defeat those torturous shackles on content:

"Clear your schedule for a world wide day of action against DRM. On Tuesday October 3rd we will all be taking action to raise the stakes and attempt to increase awareness to the threats of DRM - in a very significant way."

But wait. We're no fans of DRM, but if the alternative is no content at all, there could be reasonable digital rights management measures that might be barely tolerable. Comments?

October 3rd Declared "Day Against DRM" [Defective by Design, via Boing Boing]