Illustration for article titled Droid May Be A Series, Not Just A Phone As Revealed By HTC Droid Desire Specs

Based on specs coming out about the HTC Droid Desire, it may be that "Droid" represents not just a Motorola handset (which we previously knew as "Sholes"), but the name of Verizon's entire Android series. What's going on?


Honestly, I'm a little bit confused. Why call a phone and a series by the same name when at least two manufacturers are involved? Really, this seems like a whole marketing mess. It's hard enough to keep individual HTC models straight, and to know the difference between Motorola Cliq and Motorola Blur. Do we really need more vague and overlapping brands? Doesn't help that the Droid Desire goes by Eris at times, either. Are these phones or strippers? [gdgt]


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