Drug Smugglers Flying High on Ultralights

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Drug laws are stupid. You can't stop people from using drugs, or smuggling them into the country. And now, in addition to overground, underground, and aquatic crossings, smugglers are flying ultralights to ferry pot over the U.S.-Mexico border.


The L.A. Times reports that as the U.S. has had some measure of success stopping overland smuggling, drug cartels have turned to ultralights to get product in. The craft are relatively inexpensive and easy to pilot compared to conventional aircraft. Smugglers fly them in the dark, using night vision goggles. With black painted wings, and the ability to fly low-to-the ground, the quick little craft are able to evade detection by peering eyes and radar alike. In the past year, the Times reports the number of incursions have almost doubled, up to 228 (which, in fairness, seems like a pretty low number). On the down side, they aren't capable of carrying very much pot, maxing out between 150 and 250 pounds. So, you know, just enough for a week or so. Or a really good party.


Photo by Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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isn't this why we have combat drones? shouldn't every attempt to fly unauthorized into our countries airspace be treated as a threat to national security. A warning and then a couple hot pieces of lead is all it would talk to fix this problem. Aircraft get far more expensive when you have to armor them and then we always have missile hahaha.

The border is huge, so huge fences are a waste of time. All you really need is just a couple hundred unmanned blimps with some good sensor arrays and solar cells to charge, housing half dozen CUAV's each. Then the whole border can be watched 24/7 and airal crossing easily delt with and troops called in for ground crossings.

Hell don't shoot them down, track them on the return trip and lay a little napalm into thier fields / processing building :).

Now I know my solution may seem harsh but let me explain. I've met/studied drug users and drug dealers. Drug users occasionally hurt someone in a fit of disconnection from reality whether by purpose or carelessness. Pot users seem to think they never hurt anyone but they do. Beside the fact that lungs are not really a place you want sediment from smoke, pot user carelessly cause life threatening or ending accidents. It's not as bad as other drugs, not even as bad as alcohol, which is just as dangerous a drug in my opinion, but it happens, admit it. BUT! what pot users and "leagalizers" are most guilty of being tragically blind to is drug dealers. Drug dealers/smuggler/mules/gang members/self-centered-idiots often hurt and kill people over drugs. POT is so ubiquitous that most of the drug violence in america is probably over pot even though it causes the least conflict per gram / fix / whatever. Drug dealers hurt other drug dealers, drug users, law enforcement officers, and perfectly innocent people without a second thought to get a little more money here, a little more teritory there. You smoke pot and think there's not blood on your hands? think again Chances are someone was shot / stabbed / beaten / killed over that ounce, that territory, or that someone who looked sideways at one of these self-entitled pieces of shit who move your product. Locally grown is not a solution, people still will get killed over protection of the "territory". Your friend grew it is only a solution until some drug dealer or cop finds out. And legalizing is not a solution because many more people are going to killed trying to make an honest business with something a drug dealer considers his product / territory. Eventually the violence would die down but it would get a whole lot worse before it get's better.

So yes, I think anyone who wants to move a brick sized amount of mind altering substance into or around this great country deserves nothing more then a hot slug in an important part of their worthless body. And no, no one close to me has been killed over drugs that I know of, and I felt this way long before then leader of the state chapter of a gang punched me in the face for no good reason.