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Dubai's Vertical Village Might Suck Up All Of the Sun's Rays

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite grumbling about economic woes taking a toll on Dubai construction projects, it seems that their Vertical Village is going full steam ahead. The question is, after it's built, will there be any sun for the rest of us?

Designed as a residential, hotel and entertainment facility, the Vertical Village is absolutely blanketed in solar panels. In fact, the building is expected to earn a LEED Gold certification when it is completed. That distinction is difficult enough for a homeowner to obtain, much less a gigantic commercial structure. Each building is oriented to reduce the heat from sun exposure—quite the contrary to a massive bed of solar collectors on the south side of the building that automatically adjusts to the sun's position for maximum efficiency. The village also features a solar roof that helps to transport energy and break the solar field up into more manageable segments.


It's not enough to have all of the really cool buildings on the planet—now they want a monopoly on the sun. Damn you Dubai. [Graftlab via Ecofriend via Inhabitat]