Dune Remake Could Be Greenlit Soon

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The most highly anticipated remake may be Peter Berg's Dune movie. We got a chance to ask producer Kevin Misher about the status of Dune and inquire, will the blue eyes remain intact?

I hear you are working on Dune with director Peter Berg, why did you want to get involved with that?

It's one of my favorite books of all time, and I made a movie with Pete called The Rundown, which people seemed to like a little bit, so we decided to get back together. Pete had loved the book as well. It's a great opportunity for us.


So is this a reboot with better FX, or a remake? Or what?

Reboot, let's call it a reboot.

Are they still going to have the blue spice-eye?

Yes, of course. Spice is part of the book.

Where are you guys right now in the process?

We're working on the script right now. We're going to turn it in shortly. The script is coming in, we're hoping to get a green light shortly.


So it sounds like all systems are still go on Dune, and the producers may be ready to start talking about locations, cast and budget in the near future. I have extremely high hopes for Peter Berg, and feel like this could be the epic tale that'll set him apart. Or it could be a cult classic but critically panned Chronicles of Riddick disaster. Fingers crossed for the former.

Until then you'll have to check out Misher's Fighting, in theaters this Friday.