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Duracell's Rugged Daylite LED Flashlights Annihilate the Darkness

Illustration for article titled Duracells Rugged Daylite LED Flashlights Annihilate the Darkness

A knife, some rope and a decent flashlight. When it comes right down to it, these are tools that a guy can really use. As for the latter of the three, a good choice may be these new "Daylite" superbright torches from Duracell. Besides a sturdy all-weather design, the Daylites feature TrueBeam technology that uses "both a lens and a reflector to capture and project up to 100 percent of the light," which they claim significantly enhances brightness. Plus, a 3:1 zoom eliminates the annoying dark spot typical of most flashlights.

Duracell will be offering the Daylite in three varieties: the 80 lumens AAA / AA versions (both $25) and the powerful 160 lumens CR123 version ($35) beginning this month at drug and hardware stores. Duracell seems to be aiming at the MagLite market with the Daylites, but it remains to be seen whether the performance justifies the price tag. [Duracell]


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I bought this two pack of aluminum 80 lumin flashlights from Sam's Club for $28.00. They're currently out of stock. I wish I'd have bought a second two pack. They rock.