DVD Copying on the Chopping Block

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Fair use? What's that? It's something you'll someday be telling your kids once existed at the rate things are going. That's because there's a proposed amendment to current copy protection licenses that would ban any and all DVD copying, including for fair use.


Want to rip your DVDs to a Media Center PC so you can watch movies without putting a disc in? Too bad. Anything other than watching a movie right off the disc would be against the rules, much to the chagrin of companies such as Kaleidoscope, who make media centers loaded to the gills with (perfectly legal) movies. Well, at least this has been put up to a vote twice before only to fail, so there's hope that a third strike is imminent.

Proposed Amendment Would Ban All DVD Copying [PC Mag]


by Evlidead22

So I broke the law there? I am supposed to buy a new DVD?? Stupid. Plain and simple. I'm sure this would apply to parents who have kids who have a bad habit of destroying multi-media discs.

I believe the MPAA's response to this line of reasoning is something like:

'replacement' copies of DVD's are readily available at affordable prices.So, yes, if one of THEIR fragile/easily damaged products breaks, they think the right course of action is for you to go buy a new copy. Why wouldn't they love to get twice the money from you, for 2 copies of the same product?

I think what a lot of people are missing ist hat this does not *directly* affect what you can do with your DVD's at home — this is not a law change in congress, etc...but, according to the article, "The amendment is currently being considered by the Content Protection Advisory Council (CPAC) of the DVD CCA. If enacted, it would become binding in 18 months from the date on which the CCA notified its licensees, which include DVD hardware and software manufacturers."

In other words, I don't think this will get the weight of "law" in any way with regard to consumers...but will be pushed upon anybody who manufactures DVD players, etc... So, all this means is, if you want to be able to use copied DVD's or store DVD material on a hard drive, you'll want to invest in old hardware that allows this while you can.