DXG-U579VS $150 Waterproof HD Camcorder Review

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This is one of the worst waterproof cameras I have ever used, even if its the cheapest and does 720p video. Maybe you can recommend it to a merman you hate?




Because it lives in its own magic bubble housing, its good for 15-feet. That's good, but not great. The Canon D10 is good for 30 feet, and most other waterproof cameras are good for this depth without a housing.


The Photos

I won't go too in depth here as the photos speak for themselves:

Barfy color, contrast and grain. It's really a video camera that can record at 1280x720 (or, 720p) at 30 frames per second in h.264. There's 4x zoom, and it starts fairly zoomed in, making me wish it had image stabilization. It has an LED for lighting videos, though. The stills were 5MP, for whatever that's worth.


The Designs

Inside of its case, you can't do much. You can't power it down and up, either, so I ended up getting a bit of moisture in the case. No biggie, since its no loss if this thing drowns. Oh, you know what else is terrible? The thing is, like many camcorder housings, permanently stuck in a flipped out screen position, so packing this thing is a chore.


720p video


Cheap, but only a few bucks less than the much nicer Fuji Waterproof. So...


External housing


Worst images of any underwater camera


Not very waterproof considering the bulky housing


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