Dyson's New Canister Vacuum Will Always Right Itself After It Falls Over

Upright vacuums with the dust bin and motor all attached to the handle can be a bit heavy to push around, but canister vacs are notorious for constantly tipping as they roll across your floors. Possibly taking inspiration from those classic Fisher-Price Weebles toys that never fall over, Dyson has created a canister vacuum that can always right itself.


What makes the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball’s trailing canister reportedly able to alway get back up on its two large wheels is its overall spherical design that helps prevent it from getting stuck on obstacles.

The vacuum’s heaviest components, including the motor, have also been positioned as close to the ground as possible giving the canister a low center of gravity so that it naturally wants to remain upright. It’s still going to fall over as you drag it around your house, but you no longer have to keep walking back over and righting it.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball also features an articulated extending cleaning handle that rotates in three directions so you can easily raise it above your head to snag cobwebs hiding near the ceiling. And like with all of Dyson’s recent full-sized vacuums, the Cinetic Big Ball is free of filters you have to periodically clean, instead relying on flexible oscillating tips on its inner cyclone chambers to ensure fine dust ends up in the dirt bin, and not clogging the airflow.


The feature we might be most excited about, however, can be found on the vacuum’s self-winding power cord. Those cords often end up retracting so quickly that the plug on the end becomes like the tip of a bullwhip. But on the Cinetic Big Ball, Dyson has included a centrifugal braking system to keep the cord’s speed in check as it retracts.


If you head on over to Dyson’s website you can buy the Cinetic Big Ball starting today for $600. But if you’d rather grab one from a brick and mortar store, or other online retailers, you’ll have to wait until September 18 for other retailers to start selling it. You’ve been letting your floors collect dust for the past few months while you’ve been avoiding vacuuming, what’s a few more weeks?



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