E! True Hollywood Story: Gizmondo

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One of the biggest, and most controversial stories of the year was the downfall of the Gizmondo and the CEO and his busted up Enzo.. (That is Gizmondo, not Gizmodo.) What a better way to wrap up the year with the complete story behind the Gizmondo, how it got to the way it was and the tragic downfall. Simon Carless, with Game Set Watch, originally wrote part of the biography/history last year and updated and published for a wrap-up for this overhyped device.

From a business standpoint, it is a really interesting read. It is a bit lengthy, but definitely an interesting piece about the development of gadgets, deception and how some cooking of the books and overspending can make the shit hit the fan, quick.


Feature: 'Gizmondo - Inside The Eye Of The Tiger' [Game Set Watch]

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