E3 Online Community: Bad Cameraphone Shots, Drunken Commentary

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Nothing portrays the glamor and glitz of E3 better than a bunch of dudes standing around drinking and avoiding eye contact. Thanks to E3 and iMeem, we now have an official E3 PARTAY-PHOTO-WEBSITE-COOLNESS-WOW-site where we can read such exciting news as:

Well since Imeem for some reason doesn't allow cut and paste functions, I was going to post my party list here listing a day by day listing of all the cool parties at E3. But since I can't do it, I guess never mind


Siliconera has a preview of some of the compelling but lesser known games that will be at E3 this year. I think the flight game for the Wii looks like it could be a cool game.


Who says online content isn't compelling? Let's step it up there, boys. More booth babes, less of the talkie talk.

iMeem Page [imeem at E3]