EA to Sell PCs, Maddens 2009-2307 Coming as Well

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EA, better known to some as Electronic Arts, was the publisher behind the most recent PC-melting game on the block, Crysis. In conjunction with the upcoming Crysis Warhead, EA has mentioned that they will be selling custom branded PCs to accompany the launch. Aimed at those who might otherwise be intimidated by a gaming PC purchase, the only problem seems to be that the systems seem tentatively priced for $600-$800. And for $600, you aren't really running Crysis (a game that can conquer systems that run ten times that) unless Warhead involves intense two-stick-one-ball minigames that are yet unannounced. So higher end models could be in the works, too. [ChrisRemo via Maxconsole]

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Given how nuts EA has been going with their copy protection (SecuRom, specifically), it sort of makes me wonder if their computers are going to have some kind of copy protection worked into the hardware.

Either way, I don't want an EA branded computer. Yuck.