EA to Support Android Gaming

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According to EA's Chief Financial Officer Eric Brown, EA has decided to push the Android platform in addition to the iPhone. Citing his own market projections, Brown said that they expect the "a lot to happen" in Android's future.

Talking to investors at the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference, he mentioned that EA expects Android to have 25% of the market in 2014, compared to 11% for the iPhone.

There's a lot to happen in the future in Android, and we're trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend.


However, then he went on to say that Android needs "the deployment of an [Apple] App Store equivalent for the Android operating system" for this to happen, even while Android already has an Apple-style app store. Then he added that the transition from dumbphones to iPhone and Android is like "like going through a PS2 to PS3 transition."

I think he really meant from PlayStation to PS2. Or maybe we don't have to pay much attention to Mr. Brown. [Pocketgamer]

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Face. Palm.

I worked at EA Mobile for 4 years. When *I* said we should focus on Android in addition to iPhone, I basically got laughed out of the room. This was early 2009. "We don't need Android! Let's push more J2ME!"