Early Results from Largest Ever Cellphone Cancer Study Are Horribly Depressing

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Interphone researchers are conducting the largest-ever study investigating if cellphones cause cancer, examining studies from 6,400 tumors in patients from 13 countries. Final results are expected in early 2009, but the preliminary ones are badbadbad.

Israeli researchers in the study found that regular cellphones users are a whopping 50 percent more likely than non-users to get brain tumors. Another Interphone study looking at the UK and Scandinavia found a 40 percent greater tumor risk in people who've used cellphones for over 10 years, though on the bright side, nothing scary for people who've used them for less than a decade.

The final results of Interphone's study are highly anticipated as the first study to provide close to a definitive answer on the cellphone cancer question, since as PopSci notes, most of the other studies "have been statistically useless," since they didn't survey enough people and looked at too many that had less than 10 years of cellphone use under the belt, which is how long it takes brain cancer to develop "in most cases."


PopSci's assessment of the gravity of the situation is close to spot-on—definitive proof that cellphones cause cancer would probably be the along the same lines as discovering that tobacco causes cancer, but you know, huger, since almost everyone uses a cellphone, from pre-schoolers to grandmas. I guess it's a good thing I rarely use my iPhone for talking. How would you react if cellphones definitely caused cancer? [Pop Sci]

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I've always been a bit paranoid about this. Not so much when talking, but where my phone is kept. I change which pocket my phone is kept in on a regular basis.

Problem is, that might just give me more smaller tumours rather than one big one...

Happy Holidays.