Earth's Twin is on the Cusp of Being Discovered, Says Dome-Headed Clever Guy

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Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a sucker for Battlestar Galactica (while these days I merely mix my sci-fi metaphors. Boldly.) Anyway, Earth's twin is due to be discovered this year - says Michael Mayor.


The exciting deed will not be done by a behemoth of a spaceship, helmed by a man with bad skin, bad glasses but still unutterably sexy, but by the Kepler spacecraft. Professor Mayor, an astronomer at Geneva University, was speaking at the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence anniversary, at London's Royal Society. Whether there'll be a spin-off miniseries after the planet is discovered, however, remains to be seen. [Newser]

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I find it disturbing - all of the energy and effort being put into finding another Earth instead of fixing the one we have.

Is it just me and my Aluminum Head Cover that sees the conspiracy? Planetoid announcements every week with diffused comments like, "But it's hotter than Earth so we have to keep looking", or "If it wasn't covered in frozen liquid methane we could move right in" appear in this journal and others on the net.

Why am I not being intercepted with news of science fixing Earth?