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Easel Turns Trashy TV Into High Art

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You have horrible taste in television. It's OK, we're not judging. Everyone has horrible taste in television—it's a prerequisite to hitting the power button. But there's a cure. No, don't you dare read. Just buy a $1000 TV easel.


Once balanced at a 70-degree angle upon reclaimed oak, your LCD will gleam with a new stature. Just as glasses can make a dumb person an instant intellectual, so too can the TV easel turn reality TV into episodic documentaries—a chronicle of human struggle to find a plus-sized soulmate while overcoming the occasional bungee jumping into water to grab things challenge.

This is Cannes-level shit we're talking about.

I know it's expensive, but there's no other way. We can't turn the feed off. It'd be like yanking out one of those metal rods that connects your skull to the Matrix. Our bodies would go limp on the couch, unable to lift themselves from the...wait, maybe life wouldn't be so different after all. [Restoration Hardware via Uncrate]