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If you've got thousands of dollars, lots of storage space, and a fetish for old, musty computers, then this is the auction of your wet dreams. Check it. 6,000 pounds worth of vintage computer goodness. The auction is from Dave Freeman, founder of the Freeman PC Museum. Looks like Dave is just dying to get his old Commodores and Apple IIIs out of his museum and into your garage. I mean it's a shame the museum's contents are being sold, but will you lose sleep at night knowing your beloved PC museum no longer exists? Of course not.

Most of the computers up for sale are obsolete, old, and probably not working. Lots of old books, manuals, and accessories come included with your 3 tons of PCs as well. My favorite? The Apple IIe 300 baud Modem. Now that's high speed.


Classic Vintage PC Collection [eBay via BoingBoing]

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