eBay finally officially announced the launch of My Gadgets, a new little wrinkle to eBay that lets you organize and track the value of the gadgets you have accumulated over your years of buying stuff you probably don't need. It's like an online portfolio of your stuff, add the gadgets you own and see what the average selling price of it is on eBay.


If you ever decide to sell an item, you can easily do it right through eBay. If you don't sell, you still have some sort of digital catalog of your gadget hoarding.

I know I would never sell my old gadgets like original GameBoys and Super Nintendos and Powerbooks and stuff like that, but it's nice to see all the imaginary money I could potentially earn. And for those who are smarter than me and less attached to their gadgets, it sort of gives you a heads up of what you're getting into. [eBay My Gadgets]


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