Ebert on Tron Legacy—Plot Is "A Catastrophe"

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Movie critic Roger Ebert has completed his review of Tron Legacy. He says the 3D action sequences are great, but you might want to bring a phone or beer bottle label along to amuse you during the plot bits...

The first few paragraphs of Ebert's Tron Legacy review handle the deep, philosophical issues like "How does a 20-year-old get inside" a computer, before he praises the film's use of 3D in its fantastic action sequences. It also turns out Ebert is the world's least likely Daft Punk fan, as he complements the soundtrack's "urgent electronic force".


But he finishes the review on a downer, claiming the plot is "a catastrophe" and Tron Legacy is therefore unlikely to have staying power at the box office. It's your typical modern Hollywood blockbuster. [Ebert @ Sun Times]