EBGames Firing Employees for eBaying PS3/Wii?

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It's just a rumor for now, but it seems like EBGames/GameStop wants to stop a repeat of last year's Xbox 360 eBay fiasco by cutting off employees who auction off their consoles.

This scheme is going to be hard to police, but retailers will probably scan employees' console serial numbers and compare it to serials listed on eBay—which if employees are smart, won't be. Unless EB/GameStop HQ buys up auctions and THEN compares the consoles to the listed serial numbers, it's unlikely that anybody will actually get caught.


Most likely just a scare tactic, but one less console sold on eBay means one more console in the hands of someone who actually wants to play.

Rumor: EB/Gamestop workers fired if PS3/Wii listed on eBay [Joystiq]

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