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If you're looking for your own private jet, then $1,295,000 will buy you this Eclipse 500, a twin-engine
very light jet
(VLJ) that can carry six passengers at 408 mph for 1,495 miles on a tank of fuel. Not only is it the cheapest jet available, at a cost of approximately 56 cents a mile to operate, it also has the lowest operational costs of any private jet on the market. Originally announced and test-flown in 2002 at a price the company estimated would be $837,500, its real-world price has gone up a bit now that Eclipse Aviation has actually begun production of the

The mini-jet has proven itself to be popular, with the company receiving 2400 orders thus far, worth more than $3 billion. Although 1.295 mill sounds like a lot, it's cheap compared to the $90 million you
d have the plunk down for Gulfstream V like the one belonging to Steve Jobs.


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