Ecologically Sound Camping Kit From Biome

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It's nearly summertime, so get out of that basement and go see the world. Or, failing that, go spend some time in the woods ecologically "roughing it" with this Biome camping kit by your side. There's two versions of the kit available, with a few differences between them. The $282 standard version includes a whole host of junk really useful stuff, like an organic roll-up bed, a Freeplay windup radio (I thought you were "roughing it"?), solar-heated shower with enough water for 2-3 short showers, a water-powered clock and a wind-up torch. Plus, there's that fashionable bag to put it all in.

If you're willing to spend $460 on the luxury version, which is pictured here, you get all that plus a solar-powered iPod charger, a shetland wool throw (kind of like a shawl) and organic soap and towel. Wow, being ecologically conscious sure is expensive, not to mention painfully dull.

Product Page [Biome via Hippyshopper]

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